108 maritime impersonators captured as Lagos police ransacks training camp

108 maritime impersonators captured as Lagos police ransacks training camp

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108 maritime impersonators captured as Lagos police ransacks training camp.

108 maritime impersonators captured as Lagos police ransacks training camp

The Lagos state police order has captured 108 suspects purportedly mimicking men and officials of the Nigerian Navy.

The suspects were captured during a strike on their instructional course in Ogudu-Sanfield space of the state on Wednesday November 10.

Strutting the suspects, Lagos state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu said the superior of the instructional course, Sunday Dakare was likewise captured.


It was asserted that the suspects were working under the name of the Nigerian Merchant Navy, likewise called the Coastal Defense.

The police official said;

“On November 10, 2021, around 11am, the Lagos State Police Command attacked the unlawful instructional course of the Merchant Navy situated in the Ogudu-Sandfield region, Lagos State, and captured the Commanding Officer, Sunday Dakare, 47, along with 107 speculates at present on preparing.


“I wish to illuminate you that there has been tenable significant insight on the criminal operations of the Maritime Navy following which the order left on escalated observation of the camp and its exercises in that.

Subsequent upon serious observing of the camp and its administrators, the order completed a very much planned clear activity at the instructional course in the early long periods of today.


“During the assault, which was facilitated by the activities division of the order, the accompanying things were recuperated: a few military accessories, including cover identifications of positions, a banner, a billboard and ID cards.

Different things recuperated incorporate enrollment letters, advancement letters, a representation of the boss, two bikes, one plasma TV, three cutlasses, criminal charms and different things.”

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Odumosu who requested individuals from the general public to be careful about individuals acting like military faculty to do unlawful tasks in the state, noticed that the Federal Government had banned the Nigerian Maritime Navy.

He additionally uncovered that the gathering had been working unlawfully starting around 2005.

The chief added;

“This pattern predicts risk for our country and a danger to harmony and security. It, along these lines, profits us as a law implementation office to authorize the law restricting exercises of the unlawful military outfit.

I need to utilize this medium to caution others or gatherings actually working such unlawful outfits in any piece of the state to close it forthwith.

“The police won’t spare a moment to brace down on them and their administrators and carry them to book.”


Addressing writers, one of the suspects known as Kehinde Islamiat said her dad requested that she join the activity.


She said;


“I don’t have the foggiest idea what amount was paid; I am not even certain he paid and I have been with them for a long time.


We are as yet anticipating that the Federal Government should pay our compensation.

Everything about this stuff is on the web; we are anticipating that the government should answer our petitions for our rifles and watch vans.”

The captured chief of the camp, Dakare said;

“We just got little shanties where we can unwind; we have no square, we have been there for more than 10 years, we have been selecting ourselves and hanging tight for the Federal Government.

“Very much like common protection, we have been sitting tight for the Federal Government; we have done first and second perusing and the third perusing is on, so we are pausing; that was the reason we assembled ourselves there.”

Exhibits recuperated incorporate limited time letters granted to a portion of the people selected into the plan.

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One of the letters which was purportedly endorsed by one Rear Admiral I. Agaba and dated August 21, 2021, read;

“Abonyi Kingsley. C. advanced from the position of Lieutenant to the position of Lieutenant-Commander.”

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