4 Market Days In Igbo Land and How They Got Their Names

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There are 4 market days in Igbo land and here is how they got their names

Locally in Igbo land there exist four market days that are constantly noticed.

There are 4 market days in Igbo land and here is how they got their names 

Note that the four market days in Igbo land are: Eke, Orie, Afor and Nkwo.

How about we investigate how these four market days appeared in the Igbo culture.

Back in the year 1300-1390AD when Eze Nrjiofor 1 was ruling the people, 4 foreigners went to his royal residence to visit him.

At the point when the 4 foreign men went to the royal residence of the Eze, they went about as though they were all deaf and dumb.

They wouldn’t uncover their names or who they were nor disclose why they went to the realm of Nri.

The 4 foreign Men went to the royal residence with baskets and they were taken to the guests’ room by one of the king’s workers known as Adanma.

When the 4 Men rested around evening time, the diviner of the ruler sent a rodent to go into their room and upset them as an arrangement to discover their names.

The rat that was sent into the room went on to eat up the baskets the Men carried with them.

While the rodent was eating up the first basket, one of the Wise Men known as Oye got down and called on the name of the other wise man and requested that he awaken and save his basket from being eaten by the rat.

The rat then, at that point, continued to eat the other 3 baskets, this made the 4 intelligent men who claimed to be deaf and dumb realize they were not too sharp to uncover their own names.

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The following morning the Eze called the 4 intelligent Men by their names which were “Eke, Oye, Afo and Nkwo”.

The 4 Men were astonished that the King had discovered their names.

After all that, the king brought Kolanut and provided for his guests.

After the 4 intelligent Men ate the Kola nut, they gave the king 4 pots and he was told to keep the pots in front of a sanctuary recognized as the Nri Menri altar.

One of the representatives of the Wise Men known as Eke, let the Eze know that the first pot had a place with him, while the second, third and last pot had a place with Oye, Afor and Nkwo.

Eke uncovered that it was Chukwu (God) that sent the four pots to the earth.

Eke additionally advised the Eze and his kin to notice those names as their market days.

There are 4 market days in Igbo land and here is how they got their names 

He likewise let the Eze know that the names of their male and female children ought to have either Oye, Afor, Eke or Nkwo in it.

This is the justification for why a lot of Igbo names are either Okoronkwo, Mgbeke, Okoye, Okafor e.t.c.

The 4 intelligent men later uncovered that they were sent by God to them and they vanished from the local area the following day.

That is the legend of how Igbo individuals took on the four market days.

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