5 Habits That Causes Havoc In A Man's Lifes

5 Habits That Causes Havoc In A Man’s Lifes

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We are going to talk more about things that wreak havoc in a man’s life or make life difficult and complicated, so it’s best for a man to avoid these things.

1. Too much Intake Of Alcohol And Drugs.

5 Habits That Causes Havoc In A Man's Lifes

When a man is addicted to much alcohol and drugs, he might start having problems in his personal life which in turn causes havoc in his life.
We all have seen great men with good carries get destroyed because of drugs and many intakes of alcohol.
Some people are even in rehabilitation centers because they are addicted to drugs and can’t stop them.
If you get addicted to hard drugs and alcohol, it might be very difficult to stop, and such a thing can kill a man’s destiny.

2. Gambling.

5 Habits That Causes Havoc In A Man's Lifes

It is a bad habit, a man who is addicted to gambling might find it hard to build a good future.
A lot of youth today are addicted to gambling, and they find it hard to stop such things, which have destroyed their lives, and gambling is now their lifestyle.
If you want to save up and build a great future, avoid gambling, or else you will be addicted and see it as only the means to make money.

3. Bad Company Or Friends.

5 Habits That Causes Havoc In A Man's Lifes

They say, show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.
The company of bad friends can corrupt you and your mindset. Learn to choose your friends.
Friends can be a valuable asset or a liability, that is why people need to be very careful about selecting friends.
Friends can make you or break you. They have the power to promote you or demote you.

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4. Multiple Women.

5 Habits That Causes Havoc In A Man's Lifes

The love of strange flesh has destroyed many strong men, mind the way you pick your woman.
Be very careful as a man, don’t just go for every woman you see because you want to sleep with them.
Many great men and leaders or emperors have been brought down this way. You don’t have to sleep with every woman that comes your way.
You know the story of Samson in the bible, I don’t have to go into full details. A man who keeps multiple girlfriends can be toyed with or destroyed.

5. As A Man, Don’t Build Your Hope On One Source of Income.

Learn to invest and get many sources of income, never hope for just one because you might lose it and get depressed or devastated.
Some men are broken today because they have just one source of income and something takes it away from them.
If you want to be a successful and happy man, never depend on one means of livelihood, no matter how comfortable you are with it.
Try to find other sources of income such as businesses to invest in. As a man, you have multiple means of making money.

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