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5. Gitarama Prison, Rwanda

Overpopulation is a very big issue here, the prison was built to host only 400 awaiting trial prisoners, but as of 2021 this prison host more than 8000 convicts.
People here are jampacked as sardines and they do stand for more than 22-hours a day no space in the prison, but standing in a neat and conducive environment cant be compared to standing in a filthy place for several hours.
And this has health risks on the prisoners because in this case, the feet of the prisoners rot due to the filthiness of the prison ground.
Many of the prisoners here gotten rotten to the point of getting their feet amputated as if that is not enough, there is a high level of serious guard brutality and gang violence that occurs in the prison on daily prison

4. Pollsmor Prison, Cape Town South Africa

This prison is located in Cape Town, South Africa this place is often referred to as hell on earth where about 40 prisoners share a single cell.
This overcrowding in the prison makes the spreading of diseases like Tuberculosis spread among the prisoners and this has led to the claim of many lives in the prison.
Gang violence is very high here with the daily stabbing of fellow prisoners and prison staff which is what makes it a very dangerous prison.
Sexual assaults here in this prison are common and have been one medium of fast-spreading of the HIV virus within the prison system.

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3. Gldani Prison, Georgia

In this prison guard brutality is a very huge problem, prisoners get only one meal a day and they are locked up in their cell up to 23 hours a day, they get only 1 hour outside and that depends on the guards if they feel like letting you out on that particular day.

Here the cells are so small to the point that you cannot stand upright, for you to move around in the cell you have to crawl.

2. Black Dolphin Prison, Russia

In this Prison the prisoners are sentenced to 23 hours a day of solitary confinement, prisoners are treated harshly by the prison personnel.


1. Mendoza Prison, Argentina

Also known as the Black Plague Prison, it got its name due to the fearsome killings amongst prisoners and prison staff and also the poor medical care units.
In this prison, the prisoners get medical attention just once a month which leads to outbreaks of deadly diseases that spread like wildfire.

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