5 Nigerian Actors Whom People Assumed To Be Ritualist In Real Life Because Of Their Movie Roles

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Actors act in movies to portray a fictional story or a real-life event in order for others to learn lessons and avoid pursuing the wrong path of life. However, some movie lovers misunderstood what these actors were trying to say to them. In this post, I’ll show you five popular Nigeran actors that are thought to be ritualists in real life because of their movie roles, as well as the lessons to be learned.

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1. Kanayo O. kanayo

Kanayo O. kanayo gained popularity for his ritualist roles in movies because he plays his part so convincingly, that many believe he’s genuinely doing the same thing in real life, but he’s only an actor trying to convey a message to his audience and Nollywood fans.

Therefore, if you believe that actors who play ritualist parts in movies are ritualists, Then you have to desist from the beliefs.

2. Yul Edochie

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Yul Edochie is the youngest actor on the list, and he is dealing with the same challenge in the movie industry. Because of his ritualist movie roles, some of his followers frequently message him, asking him to show them how to become ritualists, but he always reassures them that he is just an actor portraying a message.

Here’s one of his posts in which he responds to people who message him about becoming a ritualist

War Against The Pentagons 1 - Clem Ohameze Latest Nollywood Movies 2017 | Nigerian Movies 2017 - YouTube

3. Clem Ohameze

Most Nollywood followers have always mistook Clem Ohameze for a real-life ritualist because of the way he looks perfect for the roles, the way he speaks, and his behavior makes his acting look so real that people believe he does the same thing in real life. Meanwhile he’s just displaying his god-given talents.

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4. Tony Umez


If you’ve seen any of Tony Umez’s Nollywood ritualist characters, you’ll realize that he became a ritualist due to peer pressure. However, he plays the role to the best of his ability, leading people to believe he does the same thing in real life.

5. Pete Edochie

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Pete Edochie is most known for portraying the leader in Nollywood ritualist movies, and I’ve heard that only a ritualist can play a role as good as Pete Edochie. Meanwhile, the Nollywood Godfather is a wonderful actor.

These Nollywood actors have used their talents to teach the world about how evil ritualists can be. In every Nollywood ritualist documentary, the participants never come out on top; most of them lose their lives, while others repent. As a young person, you should work, pray, and believe in yourself; never consider being a ritualist as an alternative, because God Almighty has given you the capacity to achieve greatness; therefore, avoid ritualist thoughts.

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