6 Cautious Ways To Be Safe From Ritualists And Kidnappers

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6 Cautious Ways To Be Safe From Ritualists And Kidnappers

Ritualist and kidnapper has been on the rise these days due to the get rich quick syndrome and no one is safe.

Following the regular reports of ritual killings and kidnappings, it comes as no surprise that many people are attempting to make kidnapping, ritual killing, and yahoo a way of life by turning it into a lucrative business.

This wickedness is becoming more prevalent in our culture, as we hear about it on a regular basis.

It is now critical that we all take the following precautions to ensure our safety:

1. Don’t Go Alone:

Because ritualists and kidnappers don’t want to be identified by witnesses, it’s usually more difficult to be spotted and injured if you walk in groups.

2. Someone to Inform:

We all require at least one person we can rely on at all times.

Send an SMS to that individual as you move from place to place, telling him or her of not only your presence but also what is going on and who you are with.

If an alarm goes out, you’ll be able to respond before any damage is done.

3. Carry Only What You Need:

Carry only what you need as much as possible to avoid becoming an easy target when they see full bags and assume you have a lot of valuables with you.

You also don’t have to show off everything you have all of the time. Be self-aware of your stuff.

4. Strangers:

Telling folks to keep away from strangers altogether may not be the best advice because some strangers have turned out to be blessings.

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Take time to study them in public areas before getting near enough to stay in private places, in my opinion.

5. Be at an Alert:

Don’t become so engrossed in your phone that you lose sight of or feel for what’s going on around you.

If you’re paying attention, you might catch some gesticulations that indicate a red flag and allow you to flee in time.

If you’re paying attention, you might detect eye contact, lip movements, songs being sung, and so on.

6. Read Between the Lines:

Have the ability to decipher hidden meanings in what is being stated.

“I love you and know that if you offer your heart to me, I’ll never be poor again” could simply mean that I’ll use your heart in a money ritual.

Do not be swayed by every grin when being introduced to others. Simply TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.

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