8 Amazing Health Benefits of Woman’s Breast Milk

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Woman’s Breast Milk

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Women’s breast milk has a rich array of benefits to offer. It can play an important role in bonding with the baby.

Some of the possible reasons for this bonding include the presence of antibodies and other hormones in the milk. These are responsible for preparing the infant for breastfeeding and also help the child to develop breastfeeding skills.

There is no doubt that the woman’s breast milk can be a good alternative source of nourishment for infants.

Besides providing nutrition, it can also boost immunity.

Here we list the benefits of women’s breast milk for infants.

1, It’s rich in nutrients:

Breast milk is rich in fats and proteins and also contains essential vitamins and minerals.

It is also low in calories. This makes it a very good source of energy and also saves time.

The human breast milk has about 80 per cent fat and contains around 50-60 per cent carbohydrates.

This is the exact composition of your own milk. It also contains almost 60 to 70 per cent of the protein required by infants.

This milk provides them with amino acids and vitamins that are usually found only in animal food products.

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In addition, it also contains antibodies which help to prevent infection and provide protection against infections such as pneumonia.

2, It’s powerful:

Mother’s breast milk is known to contain many powerful immune boosting and immunoregulatory factors such as immunoglobulin A, lysozyme, bile acids, lactoferrin and lactoferrin.

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They help the infant’s immune system to build up antibodies, but in absence of mother’s milk, these factors can be in short supply, which may increase infant’s susceptibility to infections.

3, It helps in weight loss:

The high content of fat in the breast milk makes it a healthy option to lose weight. As the milk contains high levels of fat, it prevents the infants from being overweight and is also helpful in maintaining the lean muscle mass.

4, It helps in digestion:

Infants with older siblings tend to become irritable and uncomfortable. As the milk contains natural digestive enzymes, it helps to digest carbohydrates and proteins and also assists in the digestive process.

5, It boosts immunity:

Probiotics in breast milk help boost immunity. By increasing the flora in the infant’s body, it prevents an increase in the risk of infections.

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6, It also helps in improving milk production:

In order to boost your breast milk production, it is advised that you can supplement your milk intake with a cup of warm water and a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.

Do this before you go to bed and consume two to three times a day.

7, It reduces colic:

When a baby cries for long hours and wakes up several times in the night, it may lead to indigestion and colic.

Breast milk contains prolactin, which calms the infant’s digestive activity. It makes them feel less gassy and leads to reduced gas and soreness.

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8, It is safe:

You should not worry about any bacteria, viruses, or toxins that may be in the breast milk

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