Aside from Adam and Eve Here is another Person That Was Not Given Birth To By a Woman but Lived among humans

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Aside From Adam and Eve, Here’s Another Person that was Never Born of a Woman in the Bible.

Many May know about this man, many may not know.

A large portion of us accepted it was just Adam and Eve that were made by God and never brought into the world of Any Woman, recorded in the Bible Book of Genesis Chapter 2:4-8, and furthermore Genesis Chapter 2:18-28 where Eve creation began.

As per Genesis 2:4, it began that Adam was made by God from Clay (or a few forms of the Bible would say Dust) and Eve was gotten from Adam’s Ribs, found in Genesis 2:18-25.

Yet, Today’s Update I bring Another Person from the Bible who was not Born of a lady, He is Known as MELCHIZEDEK which signifies ‘Ruler of Righteousness”.


This of found in the Bible Book of HEBREW CHAPTER 7:1-3.

From the Good News Version it read and I quote “This Melchizedek was a ruler of Salem and a Priest of the Highest God. As Abraham was returning from the fight where he crushed the four Kings, Melchizedek met him and favored him, and Abraham provided him with a 10th of all he had taken. (The principal importance of Melchizedek’s name is “Lord of Righteousness“, and on the grounds that he was the ruler of Salem, his name likewise implies ” King of Peace”.) There is no record of Melchizedek’s dad or mom or of any of his progenitors, no record of his introduction to the world or of his demise. He resembles the Son of God; he stays a cleric forever.

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As per this part of the Bible, Melchizedek was never brought into the world of a lady yet he lived, so aside from the primary form of human (Adam and Eve) Melchizedek was someone else that was not brought into the world of a lady.

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  1. Melchizedek was a a spirit human, in the class of Christ. At that time he must’ve descended unto earth directly to carry out some God sent functions. It’s even possible that he’s Christ in his first coming.

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