Benefits of Quarrelling and Fighting In A Relationship

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Benefits of Quarrelling and Fighting In A Relationship

Fighting/Quarrelling sometime is good and is essential in a relationship because everybody has flaws which the other partner in the relationship needs to experience and know if he/she can tolerate it or not.

One cannot say he/she is in a true relationship if that relationship has not tested some real moments that calls for critical thinking.

Fighting in a relationship doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner, it doesn’t mean it’s over, sometimes fights can be the reason to see how true and strong the love you have for each other is.

If your partner gives up on you or you give up on your partner because of the fight or argument, it means you guys are not really into that relationship because nobody is perfect, mistakes sometimes have to be made.

It’s through making mistakes that we learn.

Disappointment, heartbreaks, frustrations must occur when the love is real.

Real love comes with lots of trials so the aforementioned are the some element of true love.

I have seen in some scenario where some people give up on their love ones because of a little misunderstanding.

If you do that, it means you are not mature for a relationship.

Your age has nothing to do with maturity, a 16-year-old can behave or act more mature than a 20-year-old, it all depends on the level of your IQ.

If every fight with your partner gives you less hope for your relationship then you shouldn’t be in it at all.

You shouldn’t fall in love rather you should concentrate on other things that will make you happy instead of going through emotional heartbreak like woman going through labor pains every two years due to her husband’s inability to control himself.

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Have you ever seen anything that starts perfect and end perfect.

Once there’s no fight in your relationship, just know that you are being cheated on or you are a side chick.

According to relationship expert, Judith Wright, “Real deep intimate relationships are messy!”

“This nice, sweet, uneventful, no fights, just romantic where you run across in slow motion across a field of wild flowers, that’s not intimate, that’s not real relationships,” she contended.

She also stated that partner that fights, stays together.

True relationships has fight embedded in it.

How often do you and your partner fight, argue and how do you resolve them? Share your experience below it might serve as a guide to others out there

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