Common Foods That Damages Your Eyesight

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Common Foods That Damages Your Eyesight

It is a common belief that as people get older, their eyesight gets worse, this is quite true.

Some age-related eye conditions like glaucoma, dry eyes, cataract, and macular degeneration cannot be totally avoided.

Your lifestyle has a lasting effect on your overall health.

Sometimes, a healthy lifestyle can significantly delay the development of these age-related eye conditions.

Many factors affect the eyes. Ultraviolet exposure, radiations, some medications, and even some food you eat do the most in damaging your eyesight.

There are a lot of food we consume that are damaging our eyesight slowly. Some of these food includes

1. Excess consumption of fried foods.

does more than just increase your waist size or make you gain weight, it also affects your sight.

The oils from these foods can build up in your body and clog your arteries which can lead to high blood pressure, and lead to the development of eye problems like hypertensive retinopathy.

2. Sugary beverages

The damage these sugary drinks do to your overall health cannot be counted on one finger.

Sugary drinks elevate triglyceride levels and further increase your risk of high blood pressure, which could in turn cause you to develop eye problems.

3. Processed foods

The world is moving fast and people mostly prefer to have everything, even food, in an instant.

However, processed foods harm the body.

They contain a high amount of salt. Too much salt consumption leads to water retention which can result in swollen eyes.

4. Margarine

Margarine is often marketed as a healthy alternative to butter but it is full of trans fat that can adversely affect your cholesterol level, thereby damaging your eyes.

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5.White or plain colored food.

Pasta, white bread, rice are examples of white food.

They offer almost no nutritional benefits.

They are just simple carbohydrates that give a rush of energy that is followed by a crash.

When eating these foods, be sure to add greens and foods that are rich in Omega-3 to provide nutritional value that benefits your sight.

While reducing the consumption of these foods, incorporate healthy substitutes like green leafy vegetables, salmon, sweet potatoes, beans, legumes, eggs, broccoli, and many other foods that are beneficial to your eye health.

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