Do You Know What Cause The First War Between Christians And Muslims: You Need To Read This

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The great war tagged by the both side as a Holy War was the popular Crusader- Saladin War fought between the Christians and the Muslims in Israel.
The period of the war was around 1000 A.D (10th – about 12th century A.D). The war according to historians have remained a remarkable one as it tells of the story of how religion and politics shaped the ancient world.

The war began during the medieval era which was known as the era of religion.


These are the two major factors that led to the war.
1. The Great Crusade: the crusade was staged by Pope Lee in the sole interest of winning the Holy Land back under Christian control. During this era, the Islamic expansion has already reach the Asian minor and dominated the era which also lead to the fall of Israel and Jerusalem to the Muslims. The Pope was determined to retain Israel back as a Jewish and Christian territory. These actions has been marked by historians to have both religious and political reasons.

2. The Nature of the then World Order: The nature of that era was commonly associated with war for peace and conquest. Middle East being the former Roman territories, was still seem as part of Rome. The steps taken by the Saladin (Islamic Warlord of the era), was seen as a great threat to both political Roman and Religious Europe. The Pope who was chiefly the Political and Religious leader of the Holy Roman Empire saw it fit to redeem the once Christian dominated territory back to Christiandom.
These were the major factors that lead to the historical war which is still talked about as if it is still happening today. The war featured the whole Europe, North Africa, Asian minor and the Arab world in a great religious war motivated politically.

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What have you heard about this historical development of the Crusaders?

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