Venus Dimples

Guys, If Your Woman Has This On Her Please Back, Marry Her

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Women are known to be body-conscious, picking out individual marks and hating the quirky differences that make you, well, you. But it turns out there is some good news for a woman with dimples on their lower back, the little indents that sit just above the buttocks, commonly known as Dimples Venus, are indicators of good health and a screaming $#-life.

They allegedly make it easier for a woman to reach orgasm because the dimples facilitate good circulation and are located around the pelvic area, climaxing becomes easier.

Having Venus dimples is considered special for quite a few reasons, Possessing them are said to bring blessings and good luck.

The Venus Holes: Back Dimples Health Interesting Facts • Health Overdosed | Venus holes, Back dimples, Dimples of venus

dimples are said to be the reason for heightened pleasure during intimacy. This is due to their connection to healthy circulation in the pelvic region.

Lovers like to press them and affectionately call them “thumb handles”, signifying how they hold their mates.

In terms of beauty, you may observe that some people have their dimples pierced to add a touch of whimsy. This has become a trendy practice among women so they can accentuate their looks with low rise jeans, short tops, or bikinis. Corset makers use back dimples as a measuring marker around the hips for proper fitting. Although women and men both can have them,


Venus Dimples seem to be an attractive trait in women.

A report by an indigenous non-governmental organisation, the Center for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), has said the Nigerian Senate has had only 36 women since 1999 when the current democratic dispensation began.

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The CITAD report unveiled at a training for journalists in the Adamawa State capital, Yola, states that the Senate has had 654 members since 1999, meaning that men have had 618 slots to leave 36 to women, giving a percentage of 5.5% women to 94.5% men.


Obi Cubana: Reno Omokri Reveals Secret Behind Money Rain

Obi Cubana– Reno Omokri, a former media assistant to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, has shared a secret revealed to him by a friend who was a member of a white garment church.

Omokri was speaking about the money rain at the burial of the mother of Obi Cubana in Oba, Anambra State, at the weekend, quoting his friend as saying that as people pick the money sprayed on them, the more the sprayer’s wealth will keep growing.

Newsmen reported earlier that top Nigerian celebrities such as Davido, Phyno, Kcee, among others on Friday stormed Oba for the burial of Obi Cubana’s mother.

Obi Cubana ’s Mother’s Burial
Obi Cubana’s Mother’s Burial

D’banj, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Alex Ekubo, E-Money and many other influential Nigerians were also among the guests at the much talked about burial.

Several celebrities, businesses people and politicians turned out in large numbers for the funeral and were seen throwing money in the air.

The burial became the talk of the town among Nigerians as viral videos showed celebrities such as Zubi Michael lavishly displaying their wealth in Oba.

Obi Cubana ’s Mother’s Burial
Obi Cubana’s Mother’s Burial

Omokri advised people to always give their parents food to eat while they are alive, adding that it is one million times better than giving strangers food to eat after they die!

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“True story: I know a guy who attended a white garment ‘church’ in the 80s (thankfully, he is now born again). One of the spiritual rites they used to have him do was spray money on beggars. They told him as long as those people pick it up, his wealth will pick up,” he tweeted.

“Isaac did not bless Jacob because he gave him a good burial. He blessed him because he gave him food to eat-Genesis 27:25-30. Giving your parents food to eat while they are alive is one million times better than giving strangers food to eat after they die!

Obi Cubana ’s Mother’s Burial
Obi Cubana’s Mother’s Burial

“Hustle. Work hard. Work smart. Do everything legally possible to make a success of yourself. Not because you want to give your parents a talk of the town burial, but because you want to give them a talk of the town life. When they die, they can’t enjoy your success.”

He added, “The Spraying of Sunny Ade Versus The Spraying of Obi Cubana. Who Won?”

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