How Famous Wicked Queen Jezebel Died In The Bible

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How Famous Wicked Queen Jezebel Died In The Bible

Jezebel In The Bible Was Beautiful, See The Way She Died Because Of Her Character.

Jezebel in the Bible was a beautiful woman, but her name create an imagination of a woman who is hostile and wants power at any cost.

Well, you are not far from the truth, isn’t just a an imaginary woman created by people’s imagination she lived here on Earth, many years ago.

Jezebel wasn’t just any woman she was a princess and the daughter of king Ethball.

She was a worshiper of Baal, because of the land she came from, which later Became a born of contention within the kingdom of Israel.

Jezebel was describe as the modern feminist, one of the most intriguing women who was recorded by the Bible, like most feminist today she was strong willed, politically driven and bloodstain in nature.

She wanted power at any cost, Jezebel married King Ahab who was the northern king of Israel.

How she ended: Jezebel was thrown out of the window like a thieve.

How Famous Wicked Queen Jezebel Died In The Bible

it was afterwards the king order for a proper burial because she was a King’s daughter.

According to prophet Elijah has he foretold, dogs had eaten majority of her body parts.

Becareful how you take authorities into your hands, while you claimed to be a feminist.

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