I Need A Man To Chew Me 3 Times – Lady Confesses Her Thing For s*, x On Live TV (VIDEO)

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A young lady, pretty indeed, has confessed her love for s*, x on Live TV on the show Blind Date Gh as she notes that she is looking for a man who will ‘Chew’ her 3 times.

According to her in this viral video, she wants to be ‘Chewed’ in the morning breakfast, afternoon lunchtime, and in the evening as well… regularly.

She was on a show dubbed ‘Blind Date’. Very popular among the youth in Ghana.
Participate in the dating show are given a chance to open up their hearts and make dirty confessions on live TV.

A lady who went for a date with a man on the show had crazy demands.

She must get ‘cassava’ every morning, lunchtime and evening.

“I need a man who can bang me after every food I serve him.

“Three times in a day (morning, lunchtime, and evening),” she boldly said and confessed that she loves s*, x.



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