Man Sets Record Nobody can break even the World’s Smartest, Richest and Talented Man Cannot Break It

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Man Sets Record Nobody can break even the World's Smartest, Richest and Talented Man Cannot Break It

The mysterious man who set this record have been known throughout the world as man who sets a record not even presidents or the smartest person on earth can break.

According to the bible, the average person’s life span nowadays is between 70 and 100 years.

The majority of people in this generation are dying early as a result of the spread of various diseases, sudden climate change, and type of diet, among other factors.

It’s unusual to find someone who was born in the late 1800s and lived to be 100 years old.

Today, though, I’d like to share with you the intriguing account of Methuselah, who is recognized as the world’s oldest man. According to the Bible.

Methuselah is a biblical patriarch who appears in Genesis 5:21–27 as part of the genealogy that connects Adam and Noah.

Enoch walked with God for three hundred years following the birth of Methuselah, and he had other sons and daughters.

As a result, Enoch’s entire life span was three hundred sixty-five years.

Adam’s pedigree can be traced back to Noah, who was also a descendant of Adam.

He married and became Lamech’s father when he was 187 years old. Lamech was the longest-living human being ever, living for a total of 782 years after his birth.

Methuselah died a week before the start of the first great flood, according to biblical chronology.

For many years, he has been widely known as the world’s oldest man, and he will continue to be so in the future. Methuselah died at the age of 969, according to Genesis chapter 5 verse 27. According to the Bible, Methuselah died in the year of the deluge.

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The Bible, on the other hand, does not say whether he died before or after the flood.

There is no one alive now who can match Methuselah’s lifespan, and I sincerely doubt that anyone will ever live even half as long as he did.

No one else on the earth has ever been able to match, much less come close to, this accomplishment.

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