Marry Five Wives or Risk going to jail for life King Tells His People

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The king of Swaziland has instructed their men to marry at least five wives or risk going to jail.
According to the post, King Mswati III, the King of Swaziland, made a declaration in the country that men in Swaziland are mandated to marry five wives each or risk being jailed.

Marry Fivd Wives or Risk going to jail King Tells His People

The king was said to have assured the men that the government of Swaziland would take care of the expenses of their marriage ceremonies and would buy houses for them if they married at least five wives.

The king’s words were, “Here’s the deal, marry at least five wives and you’re assured that the government will pay for the marriage ceremonies and buy houses for them.

According to media reports, King Mswati of Swaziland warned that any man or woman who opposes the decision made by the government regarding men marrying more than one wife “will face a life sentence.”

Marry Fivd Wives or Risk going to jail King Tells His People

The King revealed that the order was put in place to make sure every woman in Swaziland gets a husband, as men taking more wives will help a lot of women get husbands.

The King of Swaziland revealed that are more women than men in Swaziland, and this was fast becoming a problem because the country is said to be full of virgins, which is increasing, while the scarcity of men is growing too.

King Mswati reportedly has about 15 wives and 25 children, while his father, who was his predecessor, had over 70 wives and more than 150 children.

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