Louis Odumegwu: Ojukwu's Father, The First Nigerian Billionaire to own a Rolls Royce in 1950s

Meet Nigerian First Billionaire Who Worth Over 4 Billion Dollar In 1940s

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Not Ever Body Know about him however almost everyone know his son, late Sir Emeka odumegwu ojukwu. This is Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu, the first ever recorded Nigerian Billionaire.

He was viewed as the wealthiest individual in Nigeria and Africa as that 1930s.

His total assets are equivalent to Over 4 billion dollars utilizing the present Currency.

Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu was the founder  of ojukwu Transport, Ojukwu stores and Ojukwu Textiles.

He was the first and establishing president and of the Nigerian Stock trade Market.

He was additionally the executive of the leading group of numerous profitable companies in Nigeria then, for example, shell oil organization, Guinness Nigeria restricted.

He began his professional vocation at the agrarian office as before leaving to join John Holt as a Tire deals representative before enhancing into material and transport division displaying the pioneering soul of the South East.

It was alleged that he was the first man to construct the road that leads from Onitsha Anambra state to Lagos State were his transport vehicle will be passing through (this road is about 453 KM which is over 282 mills)

He was likewise allegedly the first man to own a Mercedes Benz in all of Nigeria at that point. Beginning as a low-level employee to a tycoon shows that difficult work, centre and assurance pay off.

In 1960, when Nigeria has their independent, it was sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu that brought his Roll Royce that was used to carry queen Elizabeth as of that time.

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Additionally, he was the first man that sand fills a beach and build house on it in lagos the building was called Nnewi Building at Apapa Sea Port.

there are hundreds of his work that were not recorded starting from charity to thousands of people he helped.

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  1. These are the true legacy lovers and patriotic Nigerians, yet they went unsung and uncelebrated, not even remembered. Today may people we cannot trace any tangible legacy to are given all kinds of awards and honors , and all base on pure political coloration .we need to celebrate the real Nigerian Herod and patriots.

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