Meet The World Most Misérables Monkey In Chain

Meet The World Most Misérables Monkey In Chain

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THE world’s most miserable orangutan (monkey) spent four years chained up in horrific conditions after he was was stolen from his dead mother.

Bujing was snatched and sold for $75 to cruel owners who kept him in inhumane conditions in Indonesia – causing him so much stress that he went bald.

He was sold for $75 to the cruel owners who chained him to a post, stunting his growth

The poor animal spent four years of his life chained to a wooden post outside a house in the southern province of West Kalimantan.

Nine-year-old Bujing had been so scarred by his savage owners that all his hair has fallen out.

The forlorn creature was found by Kylie Bullo, Conservation Project Manager for The Organgutan Project in 2014.

Meet The World Most Misérables Monkey In Chain

The team travelled over eight hours to rescue Bujing from his horrific circumstances.

Rescuers told the Daily Mail Australia: “When the Rescue Team arrived we found Bujing chained to the side of the house. He was very thin and had no hair due to malnutrition.

“The ‘owners’ of Bujing said that when he was young they would regularly bathe him and give him milk.

“However, as Bujing grew older they kept him chained up to stop him entering the neighbour’s property where he would eat their food. He also had two deep wounds on his back.

“The owners surrendered Bujing to our rescue team who took him back to the rescue centre that The Orangutan Project helps fund in West Kalimantan.

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“One can only imagine the sadness and despair that Bujing felt every day. But you could see Bujing’s eyes still had a glimmer of hope for a better life ahead.”

Bujing had lost all his hair and was severely malnourished when workers from The Orangutan Project found him

Since Bujing was moved to the Rescue Centre in West Kalimantan, his life has improved drastically and his hair is starting to grow back.

Meet The World Most Misérables Monkey In Chain

The happier orangutan has also started to gain weight thanks to his new healthy diet.

Bullo previously said: “At nine years old, Bujing is a few years older than his playmates however, he is considerably smaller. This is due to the chronic malnutrition he suffered whilst kept as a pet.

“Thankfully, Bujing has left behind a life of misery and despair. He now has a second chance at living the life an orangutan should.”

In 2019, Bujing was said to have completely transformed as carers gave an update on his condition.

“Thanks to the care of our veterinary team and the keepers at our rehabilitation center, Bujing’s appearance has changed almost beyond recognition,” one of his carers said.

“His body is strong, muscular — and hairy,” they added.

Later that year they then gave the green light for the organtang to make his long-awaited return to the wild.

The heartwarming moment was captured on video by the IAR – who said they were “overjoyed.”

The caption read: “Thank you to everyone who has supported our orangutan project.

“Thanks to you, these five orangutans are now free among the lush trees of the Indonesian rainforest, instead of chained up, starving and alone.”

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The recovering animal has now recovered after years of recovery in the rehabilitation centre

In June 2019, he was finally released back into the wild
Moment the world’s most miserable Orangutan Bujing who was so stressed he went BALD while chained up is released back into the wild.

Meet The World Most Misérables Monkey In Chain

Meet The World Most Misérables Monkey In Chain

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