NEWSEndSARS: Police brutalize protester at Lekki

NEWSEndSARS: Police brutalize protesters at Lekki

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EndSARS Protesters in Lekki toll gate in Lagos State have said to have been brutalized by men of the Lagos State Police Command, on Wednesday.

A protester, whose name is not given, was captured during the protest at Lekki Tollgate in Lagos State.

Men of the Lagos State Police Command, on Wednesday, was said to brutalize some EndSARS protesters in the State.

The protester, who professed to have flown in from Canada, was captured by the Nigerian Police while speaking to some journalist.

Talking before he was captured, the protester said: “I flew in from Canada and I let the Nigerian government know that the police were short paid and a period will come when we will overpower the police.”

While he was talking, some policemen moved towards him and their Commander ordered his capture.

While trying to protest against the police, the police who were yelling “capture this man, capture the imbecile” jumped on him and dragged him away.

Nigerians set today, Wednesday, aside to recollect the Lekki toll gate shooting and killing of protesters  in the State in the year 2019.

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