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Opinion: 2 Tribes That Igbo People Should Unite With Before The Igbo Presidency Can Come To Pass

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[Insurance Tribes ] As the 2023 presidential election approaches, many people have been looking up to some politicians and tribes as the fittest to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari, who will finish his 8-year term.

If zoning and equity are taken into consideration, the Igbo people are the fittest for the post, because the South East region has never produced a president since over 50 years ago, even despite the fact that the Igbo people that live in this region are one of the 3 majority tribes in Nigeria.

But, if zoning and equity are not put into consideration, as some northern leaders have kicked against it with the claim that democracy is the game of numbers. The Igbo people can still win it if they learn how to be friends and unite with these two tribes.

Insurance Tribes

There is a 70% chance that Igbos will achieve their ambitions for the presidency if they unite with these people in 2023. They have already done it in 2011 when they voted for the former president. Good Luck Jonathan against Muhammadu Buhari.

It is certain that these people have already fed up with the northerners in power and want power to be shifted to the south.

If Tinubu is not included, and the 2023 election is between the northerners and Igbo people, the Yoruba people will definitely be good friends to unite with in order to get power.

It will be extremely hard for any candidate to win the election in Nigeria without the support of these people because of the size of their population, and we all know it.

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According to the population ranking, they have about a 25.1% population rate, according to the world atlas, and it is certainly known that any candidate they support is always fortunate to win an election.
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The Igbo people need to find the friendship of these people and unite with them in order to rule Nigeria in 2023. If possible, their candidate should pick a man from this tribe as Vice president to increase their chances.

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