Opinion| This Tradition Needs to Be Abolished

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Africa is known as the cradle of culture and tradition. Some of the traditions that are still practised in Africa today have been eliminated for a long time as a result of civilization. The majority of Africans do not live in huts any longer.

Africans were referred to as “the dark continent” by Henry Stanley in 1878. The continent of Africa was still a mystery at the time. Africans, on the other hand, are no longer forced to live in darkness.

Africa is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery and natural beauty on the face of the earth. It is the continent from whence contemporary people descended from their ancestors.

The practice of ekyogaro traditional bath, which originated in Central and Southern Uganda, has survived to the present day, despite the fact that civilization has spread to nearly every corner of the continent.

Once a baby is born in Central and Southern Uganda, the next step is to prepare some herbs, which are believed to be the owners and authors of blessings by the local people.

Anyone who comes in for postpartum treatment will wash the infant with herbs for a period of seven days after the birth. The people were under the impression that it prevented malaria and other illnesses. They also thought that washing their newborns in the herbs for seven days would provide them with flawless skin, blessings, and protection from spiritual and physical threats, among other benefits. They consider this ritual to be the first vaccination for their children.

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I believe that this tradition should be eliminated because, as human civilization progresses and advances in technology and knowledge, this cultural practice is no longer required. Science has dismantled the beliefs and social conventions associated with this civilization. Culture shifts as a result of the passage of time. Old ideas are being replaced by new ones, and old approaches are being phased out in favour of new ones. Why hasn’t this tradition been supplanted by fresh perspectives?


According to the individuals who preserve this practice of tradition, it is a cure for all types of ailments. For every condition that exists today, there is a scientifically established treatment option available. This type of culture is no longer required.


When a baby is born, the physicians clamp the umbilical cord and cut it. A tiny stump will be left on the baby’s tummy after the procedure. This stump is in desperate need of attention. The stump, also known as the cord, must be kept dry at all times. Baths in the tub or the sink should be avoided during the first week after delivery. The fact that this practise should be eliminated is also one of the reasons why I believe it should be done thus.

Do you agree with me that this custom should be abolished? Do you have any questions?

3 Replies to “Opinion| This Tradition Needs to Be Abolished”

  1. Does it cause any negative reaction on the baby?
    Give me enough reason why it must be abolished.
    We always make mistakes to quickly adopt western culture & throw away ours which made us what we are those days. I suggest that we should compare both cultures any anyone found favorable should be given a trial but I detest the idea of abandoning our precious culture which has given us an edge over the westerns. We should remove the ones that are not beneficial to the populace.
    My humble opinion.

  2. This is a great tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere.
    Brief but very precise info… Thank you
    for sharing this one. A must read post!

  3. This author needs to reexamine himself. Washing African children with herbs never harm them or diminish their beauty. Most of the beauty treatments given to newborn children abroad are from the same herbs that this author is condemning. We disrespect our own herbs and when processed by the Europeans, we eulogise same. Are we sick?

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