Opinion: Which Race Originate Witchcraft, Whites Or Blacks

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Black people have been breaking a record throughout centuries that, they were masters of Witchcraft. You talk of the Kamba tribe from Kenya, the Ugandans, Ghanaians, Igbos From Nigeria, Zaka region from Zimbabwe, Zambians, Malawians and voodooists from Haiti. All these countries with the other African countries not mentioned, there have been speculations that they are famous with Witchcraft.

On the other hand, white people especially from Scotland, are suspected of serious occultic practices. Kazakhstan, Jews, Arabs, Indians, Chinese and Germans are also known for dark practices (Witchcraft). So who started the art of witchcraft? Who started the practice of occultism and where did other dark practises come from?

Opinion | Witchcraft

I think with Africans we know, the ancestors give a person a gift to help people. It could be healing, removing spells and cases or other services. When black people realised that, they can do such things with that power, they twisted it for evil (Witchcraft). Themselves not being evil but the people who consult, come with certain requests like to poison somebody, to make somebody into a Zombie, create a tokoloshe and all other kinds of evil.

It started small, it started with jealousy. A request to have more than other people, to take somebody’s husband or to swap brains between children. The evil requests of people or the quest of these gifts to be tried on something that harms not help ended up being a way of living between Africans.

The gift on a man can be used for good or for bad, it can also be manipulated to do both. Whether from God or ancestors, our gifts are the ones that were misused for some reached personal benefits. Other races learnt it from another race but the fact is, evil originated from somewhere but it is not clear, who imitated who?

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