Many have wondered where and who began the Black Magic, 

Original History About How Black Magic Originated where and who started it. See here.

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Many have wondered where and who began the Black Magic,


Many have wondered where and who began the Black Magic, 

There is a lot of misinterpretation regarding who began it, many do say it was King Solomon who began it, yet it is a long way from reality.

King Solomon disallowed the act of enchantment and the offense was deserving of death.

King Solomon held onto the book utilized for rehearsing wizardry and he covered it under his high position.

It was after his demise that satan came in human structure and showed the age in the wake of King Solomon’s age the spot the book was covered.

Black magic began in a city called Babylon by two individuals called Harut and Marut (some say they are Angel and some say, humans).

Anyone that needs to take in it from them will initially caution them that this will cause you to lose your paradise.

If the individual demand learning it, they will advise him to pee into a consuming fire.

The second he pees there, something like with pony will leave his body.

They will let him know that is the presence of God leaving your body, presently you would now be able to learn dark wizardry.

They significantly utilized it to separate couples since it is the most cherished by the fallen angels, and numerous other secret things.

The practice was recorded in a body and was given over to age by age.

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