Poland Sends Trucks Loaded With Lethal Weapon To Ukraine To Help Them Fight The Russian Army

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Poland Sends Trucks Loaded With Dangerous Weapon To Ukraine To Help Them Fight The Russian Army

The neigbouring country of Ukraine, Poland has sent in several trucks loaded with weapons to support the Ukrainian troops in their ongoing fight against the Russian troop.

According to Mariusz Blaszczak, the minister of National Defence of Poland who shared the info on his official Twitter page, the weapons have successfully reached the Ukrainians, he also stated that they stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

“The convoy with the ammunition that we hand over to Ukraine has already reached our neighbors.
We support Ukrainians, we stand in solidarity and we firmly oppose Russian aggression.” He says

According to a recent update by Al Jazeera English, the Russian troops are advancing on the capital city of Ukraine and over 50 thousand people have so far fled from Ukraine.

It’s roughly 2 days after the President of Russia declared a special military operation in Ukraine and photos making rounds on the internet show that severe damages have been done to parts of Ukraine since the start of the war.
Take a look at this photo of Ukraine which was shared by the official account of Forbes on Twitter.

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