Problems Encountered By Nigerians In Canada

Problems Encountered By Nigerians In Canada

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Problems Encountered By Nigerians In Canada

Considered as one of the most immigration friendly countries in the world, and a booming job market. Canada operates flexible immigration rules, easy visa requirements that enable immigrants to apply for jobs, and international students to settle in the country if they wish to do so.

The flexible immigration policy of the country makes her a potential ground for Nigerians seeking to leave Nigeria for greener pastures abroad.

Irrespective of the accommodating nature of the country, Nigerians living in Canada are faced with some challenges, three of such challenges include;

Finding Employment in Canada:

The Canadian job market is good, but, finding jobs, especially in your field can be quite the challenge.

This emanates from a lack of what many consider, ‘Canadian experience.’

It pretty much has to do with consideration for work experience within Canada, difficulty in getting recognised credentials for professionals like engineers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, etc. as a result of strong emphasis placed on local expertise/education by the country.

This poses a challenge for immigrant Nigerians in Canada.

Culture Shock

Canada is a multicultural environment with people from different countries and ways of life, adapting to Canadian foods, dressing partners, mode of interactions, etc. poses a challenge which may be frustrating that could lead to isolation.

You can overcome this challenge through the acceptance of the new surroundings by creating relationships with others around you, keeping an open mind, and exercising patience that everything will come with time.

Canadian Weather

The Canadian weather is different from that of Nigeria.

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Therefore, Nigerians in Canada face the challenge of surviving the weather as it switches to as high as 35℃ in the summer to -25℃ in the winter.

The weather conditions are also dependent on the region of the country you reside.

As a Nigerian, living in Canada will offer you opportunities to excel with millions of resources in a promising environment.

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