Reason most Ladies Cheat on Their Husband in Their Place of Office

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Reason most Ladies Cheat on Their Husband in Their Place of Work

Do you know who an office husband or wife is?

This is a person whom you spend majority of your time with while in the work environment and most probably, you share your secrets with.

Basically, the person helps you to sail through work related stress and makes your environment in the office more bearable.

But sadly, these office ‘baes’ have transformed to be the other partner away from your legally married partner and most probably, these people end up sleeping together.

In this article, we will look at some of the reasons which compel a married woman to have another office husband whom she probably can sleep with given the opportunity.

1. Absentee husband

This can easily make a woman fall for that man who has constantly been flirting with her and offering her free coffee and lunch.

A husband who is basically not there when the woman needs him most in the house.
He comes home late and leaves early. We actually can say he is physically missing from her life and when asked, he claims to have a busy schedule.

2. Lack of attention from her husband

This is an Husbands who is always on the phone, laptop or TV wherever he is in the house.
He basically does not give his wife enough attention and get to listen to her or spend quality time with her.

What will prevent her from having an office partner to share her troubles with?

3. She is loose

This is a woman who has loose morals and she easily gives in to any man who shows interest in her.

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She is never satisfied with her husband back at home and since there is this guy who admires her at the work environment, she gives in to him.

4. She loves Money

This woman never is satisfied with whatever her husband gives her added to what she earns from her job.

Thus when offered some extra cash for extra services, she will give in and at such stick to that office Husband who provides her with a side hustle in exchange of her body.

5. Her Husband gives her stress.

This is an Husband who is hard to reason with and at every time, he comes up with issues which stress up his wife.
It could be he is short tempered, quarrelsome, ardent drunkard, addicted to some issue which the wife does not like and so forth.

To relieve her stress from her legal husband, this wife will probably look for a office husband who will give her a listening ear and probably a shoulder to lean on.

6. Revenge

This means the husband has cheated on her and she came to find out.
She also does not want to leave the marriage due to Reasons best known to her but she believes in an eye for an eye.

She then will seek for a office husband to Cheat with for her revenge mission and feelings to be fulfilled.

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