Reason You Should Avoid Pork Meat at All Cost

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Reason You Should Avoid Pork Meat at All Cost

Pork is the Most Eaten Meat Around the Globe but Here is Why You Should Not Eat it

Pig is one of the oldest form of livestock in the world and for that many people eat it.
There are people who eat pork but other people will tell you they do not eat it for religious reasons.
For others, pig meat is considered unclean and they choose to avoid it. Most forms of meat are unhealthy but next time you have pork in your plate, you may need to think again.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the meat of the pig could be saturated with many toxic substances than other livestock animals.
This is because compared to other animals like the cow, a pig takes four hours to digest its food while a cow takes twenty-four hours to complete digestion.
In the process of digestion, animals get to remove excess toxic substances in their systems.
This means that a pig ends up with more toxins in its body.

Another issue is that the pig has very few sweat glands in its body.
Through sweat an animal gets to remove excess toxic substances in the system.
A pig can barely sweat and this means that the pig ends up with more toxic substances in its body.
When eating pork, you transfer these toxic substances to your body which can be detrimental to your health.

The danger of trichinosis and swine flu is also another reason why you should stay away from pork.
If the pork is not cooked properly, the swine flu virus can be transferred to an individual.
Trichinosis is human infection that can be transferred from undercooked meat to humans.
Uncooked pig meat contains trichinella worm and can get transferred to your body when you eat.
According to the American Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), pig is a carrier of Nipah virus, Paramyxoviridae viruses, Hepatitis E virus and Taenia Solium tapeworm all which can put your health at risk.

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