Reasons Why Doctors/Surgeon Wear Green or Blue Coverall During Surgery On A Patient

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Reasons Doctors/Surgeon Wear Green or Blue Coverall During Surgery On A Patient

Have you ever wondered why doctors dress in green when performing surgery?

A doctor’s occupation is associated with a white coat, which is regarded as a symbol of cleanliness.

The question then arises as to whether or not the surgeons and medics who assist in the surgery wear green clothing.

In fact, the colour of a surgeon’s or medical officer’s uniform is critical to the efficient execution of an operation.

If that’s the case, why was green chosen? Check out the complete review after the jump.

When the surgery was first performed, all medical workers, including doctors, wore white clothing.


Only in 1914 did a powerful doctor decide to change the white suit with a green and blue one.

Reasons Doctors/Surgeon Wear Green or Blue Coverall During Surgery On A Patient


Because pure white can interfere with vision when moving the attention from the red blood on the patient’s body to the colour of their colleagues’ attire, these doctors don’t use it.

This can happen due to a green optical illusion caused by the patient’s internal organs, which are primarily red in colour.

When surgeons look at anything white, their vision may be affected. If the colour of the illusion is the same as the colour of the thing being seen, it will not be distracting.

In other words, when doctors look at their colleagues’ green garments, the illusion of green that is formed by repeatedly viewing red will not interfere with the operation.

1. Improve visual acuity.

When the surgeon concentrates on red for an extended period of time, he will become accustomed to it.

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The red signal in the brain may disappear as a result of this.

As a result, doctors will have a tough time seeing the patient’s anatomy.

The idea is for doctors to consider additional colours in order to improve their fading visual acuity.

Green and blue are two hues that can improve visual acuity.

Green and blue are the polar opposites of red in the colour spectrum.

2. Reduces errors during operation.

The surgeon’s eyesight becomes more sensitive to various hues of red as his or her visual acuity improves after seeing green or blue.

To put it another way, a surgeon’s eye that detects green is more sensitive to red fluctuations.

This allows the surgeon to see the anatomy of the patient’s body more clearly, potentially lowering the risk of surgical errors.

The doctor wears a green or blue shirt during operation because of this.

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