Reasons Why Military Staffs Wear Long Sleeve Shirts

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Reasons Why Military Wear Long Sleeve Shirts

Military uniforms have evolved dramatically over time, with diverse colors, styles, and features changing over time.
In the military, uniformity requires all branches of the military to wear the same uniform.
It is regarded as integral to military culture all over the world. However, when it comes to uniforms, one thing has remained constant: service personnel must always follow the rules when getting dressed and ready for their responsibilities.
This guarantees that they project a professional and respectable image when representing military groups both inside and outside the country.

Why are long-sleeved shirts so popular?
In the military, long-sleeved shirts have the advantages that a person wears them.
The majority of them are comprised of polyester and cotton which make them comfortable to troops because they are soft.

1. In hot weather, it protects the soldier’s skin from sunburn.
Troops are usually deployed to areas where the day temperature is very high.

2. Forces the soldier to drink less water because the more skin exposed to the sun/wind, the faster the water evaporates.
A soldier without water who wears long sleeves will live around 25% longer than a soldier who wears short sleeves. It reduces direct sun rays from coming in direct to the body.

3. During operations/missions, it protects the soldier from burns caused by explosions, biting, stinging flies such as mosquitoes, spiders, and leeches. There’s also difficult terrain to contend with. This will reduce body injury greatly.

4. Long sleeves help camouflage the soldier by making him more difficult to see.
Uniform is made in such a way that it takes the color of troops are operating in.
As a result, in cold weather, it assists them in staying warm.

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Rolling up of sleeves
The unit commander has the final say on whether or not to roll sleeves at any given time to create uniformity among troops.
And there is a precise way to “cuff” the sleeves in the military. The camouflage design must be visible and extend three inches above the elbow. In addition, the cuff is finished before being worn.

Step 1) First, lay the uniform flat on a flat surface and unbutton the cuffs; this is necessary because the soldier will need to rebutton them later if necessary.

Step 2) Now, flip the sleeve inside out and bring it up high enough to cover the bottom half of the shoulder’s loop field.
Make sure there are no folds or creases after you’re done. This will make your shirt look ironed after unfolding it.

Step 3) Pull the sleeve up to just below the cuff and roll it up once more.
It will reach the shoulder thus allowing soldiers to move hands without problems.

Step 4) Reverse the steps from the previous step.
Each time the soldier rolls up his sleeve, it will look to be significantly shorter.

Step 5) Button the sleeve and flip it down so the camouflage is facing out.
The cuff is secured by the buttoning, which keeps the fold in place.
Finally, if the soldier requires his sleeves in an emergency, the buttons can be yanked down.

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