Remember The Bakassi boys from Anambra state, See This

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The Bakassi boys was a vigilante group that was created in order to curb the crimes in the southeastern region of Nigeria. They were known for tackling robberies, ritual killings and also kidnapping. They move around with guns, Matchets, daggers and also objects containing dark magic, they also wore juju all over their body.

The Bakassi Boys are known for their cruel and heartless ways of killing anyone who they considered evil. They were known for killing people for even crimes that didn’t deserve death such as stealing. They killed armed robbers, corrupt people, fake prophets and people who engaged in ritual.

They could tell if a person has committed an evil deed by placing a machete on the person’s front, if the matchet turns red or blood begins to drip from the machete, then it means the person committed a crime, they will immediately kill the person without hesitation.


The greatest magical power they had was the power to become immune to bullets, when shutting at them, they will never get affected, this magical power was popularly known as odeshi.

Due to their merciless killings, their activities were reduced. The Bakassi Boys were known for bringing down most evil men in Anambra state but they were later banned. Their activities were reduced totally when a new vigilante group in Anambra state was established in the year 1998.

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