A ritual is an act of offering something to a divine deity in exchange for personal gain or interest.

Ritual: Most Notorious Ritualist in Igbom History (Otokoto)

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A ritual is an act of offering something to a divine deity in exchange for personal gain or interest.

A ritual is an act of offering someone or something to a divine deity in exchange for personal gain or interest.

If You are an Igbo born before the millennium, you will know or have been told about the Most Notorious ritualist back then known as Otokoto.

His child Obidiozor Duru then, at that point, was the boss of the infamous Black Secret Cult that was liable for inconsistent burglaries and kidnapping of youngsters inside Owerri, Imo State.

Truth be told, following bits of gossip about the terrible exercises of the Otokoto family, Owerri occupants oppressed the Otokotos under the radar and observation.

It is said there’s no smoke without fire.

Additionally, when the breeze blows, the butt of the fowl is uncovered. On the nineteenth of September, 1996, Otokoto was implicated.

His filthy clothes were washed outside, and his ritual activities were blown, his luxurious hotels, ‘Otokoto lodgings’ were wrecked down.

He was imprisoned and later executed 20 years after arraignment.

Who Implicated Him?

Everything occurred in the capital city of Owerri, Imo State on the nineteenth of September, 1996 when an 11-year-old guiltless kid named Anthony Ikechukwu Okoronkwo was killed for ritual.

The little fellow was a groundnut hawker who regularly visited the roads of Owerri to sell off his products.

On that game-changing day, he was strolling past Otokoto lodgings, when a man recognized as Innocent Ekeanyanwu at Otokoto inns, matured 32, beckoned on him to come.

With joy, the young fellow happily went into the lodge to sell his products and was treated like a visitor.

He was given a bottle of chilled Coca-Cola which he drank with happiness.

Unfortunately, the beverage was poisoned and soon, poor Ikechukwu slipped into never-ending unconsciousness.

Ekeanyanwu then, at that point, dismembered the limp assemblage of Ikechukwu into one of the lodgings and what trails are the thing that both the gods and individuals disliked.

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He beheaded the kid’s head, torn open his mid-region, reaped his liver, and trimmed off his penile tip.

A ritual is an act of offering something to a divine deity in exchange for personal gain or interest.

He chose different organs he required and stacked them together in a polythene sack and covered his remaining parts in a shallow grave close to the lodging.


Subsequent to covering the disastrous chap, he quickly passed on the lodge to convey the head to a major feline, named Chief Leonard Unaogu at Eziama, Ikeduru, close to Owerri for rituals.

Blood was all the while overflowing from the sack when he landed which blended the doubt of the Okada man known as Mr. Hilary Ngọzi Opara.

Ekeanyanwu couldn’t store the head as Chief Unaogu had effectively left the town for Lagos.

Recollect it was 1996 and there were no cell phones.

He needed to return to Owerri with the head.

The bike man immediately tipped the cops and they captured Ekeanyanwu returning to Owerri in a Peugeot 505.

Hell was broken loose when the news spread.

The media even filled it as they radiated live Ekeanyanwu conveying the new head of little Ikechukwu for ritual activities.

The people of Owerri went wild when they viewed the bloody sight.

They all marched out in their numbers to Otokoto hotel for a protest.

The hotel structures were razed down totally.

They similarly walked to the palatial house of Otokoto close by and destroyed his costly vehicles and choice properties.

The relentless agitators similarly went round annihilating different properties connected to Otokoto, even those of his companions


Ekeanyanwu who was subsequently recognized as a groundskeeper in Otokoto hotel was remanded in jail.

Shockingly, he kicked the bucket four days after food poisoning.

Fortunately, before he gave up the ghost, he had the option to admit to the crimes.

He included Chief Unaogu as the driving force behind the merciless killing of Ikechukwu for ritual purposes.

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Indeed, they ran a killing organization that worked in abducting and collecting human organs for money rituals.

As per him, Chief Unaogu had urged him to get the human head.

He further admitted that Otokoto and his group had been in the business as far back as the 1970s.

The visitors at his hotel were not saved as well.

They were tranquilized or assaulted in their rest after which they were dismantled and their organs culled.

The police swung rapidly into it and found many shallow graves.

More than 24 breaking down and dissected assortments of people were uncovered.

Chief Unaogu was quickly captured yet he denied knowing who Ekeanyanwu was.

He was the younger sibling of Laz Unaogu, a then serving ministerA ritual is an act of offering something to a divine deity in exchange for personal gain or interest. under General Sani Abacha.


Preliminaries AND Judgment

Preliminary appropriately started on the ninth of December, 1996 with the Okada man, Ngọzi Hilary Opara as the principal arraignment witness.

Different observers came up which include: Ambrose Onah, a police sergeant who recorded the confession booth proclamation of Ekeanyanwu before he was bafflingly killed, Margaret Acholonu, an assistant in the lodging who admitted that Chief Vincent Duru was really in the hotel the day poor Ikechukwu was executed.

Another police sergeant, Sunday Onwuchekwa let the court know that Ekeanyanwu had lied about the crime location.

As per Onwuchekwa, Ekeanyanwu had let them know he executed poor Ikechukwu and unloaded his dead body inside Mba River close to Owerri just to veil the genuine crime location.

The police were tricked at first with the wrong path before they were later contacted about the disturbance at Otokoto inn.

It was even detailed that Chief Vincent Duru had yelled at Ekeanyanwu over the span of the examination before he was killed.

Otokoto shouted at him in Igbo, ‘I mebo la m?’ signifying ‘Have you implicated me?’

The distressed mother of the helpless boy, Laeticia Okoronkwo, Sulaiman Idris Ibe, the cop on the seat when Hilary Opara the Okada man came to affirm, another police photographer, and Ralph Nwaiwu, the specialist that performed the post-mortem on poor Ikechukwu all affirmed in court.

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The case snailed on without progress for quite some time as there were series of suspensions, nonattendance of managing judges and legal counselors even to the exchange and retirement of judges.

There were reports about the special treatment given to Chief Unaogu in light of the fact that he was the Minister’s sibling.

The case was slowed down until Justice Chioma Nwosu-Iheme, an incredible and brave appointed authority, assumed control over the case on 28th April 1999.

A ritual is an act of offering something to a divine deity in exchange for personal gain or interest.

She condemned the seven ritual suspects connected to the homicide to death. Their names were:

Chief Vincent Duru (Otokoto), Alban Ajaegbu, Samson Nnamito, Ebenezer Egwueke, Lawrence Ebu, Rufus Anyanwu and Chief Leonard Unaogu.

Indeed, while conveying her judgment, Justice Nwosu-Iheme referred to Otokoto and Unaogu as a solidified and unrepentant killer and an exceptionally refined criminal individually.

She said that the blood of poor Ikechukwu should be an exceptionally solid and incredible one that shouted to God in heaven for retribution.

After her epic judgment, every one of the convicts was carried to Port Harcourt Prisons in February 2003 forthcoming their execution.

Their legal advisors continued to appeal the judgment which was futile as the sentence of execution was still maintained.

At long last twenty years after the ignoble adventure, Otokoto was hanged.

His execution occurred on Sunday, November 13, 2016. Boss Unaogu on his part kicked the bucket in Port Harcourt penitentiaries in extremely baffling conditions.

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