See Reason We are in 21st Century Instead of 20th Century

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See Reason We are in 21st Century Instead of 20th Century

Many have been wondering why is it called 21st century and not 20th century when we are in 2000s

Welcome to this informative article I’ve prepared for you dear inquisitive readers.

Pay attention to learning this fascinating century system as explained in the Gregorian calendar.

First, if you really want to know why the years from 2001 fall under the 21st century, you need to recognize and agree to the fact that there is nothing like zero year (s) or zero century. With this in mind, we can see that the first century lasted from A.D 001- A.D 100.

A.D here stands for “Anno Domini” i.e., in the year of our Lord.

This system was adopted after the death of Jesus Christ.

The second-century started from A.D 101 to A.D 200. 1st Century 1-100 CE

3rd Century 201-300

4th Century 301-400

5th Century 401-500

6th Century 501-600

7th Century 601-700

8th Century 701-800

9th Century 801-900

10th Century 901-1000

11th Century 1001-1100

12th Century 1101-1200

13th Century 1201-1300

14th Century 1301-1400

15th Century 1401-1500

16th Century 1501-1600

17th Century 1601-1700

18th Century 1701-1800

19th Century 1801-1900

20th Century 1901-2000

21st Century 2001-2100.

We can see that the 19th century began in 1801, the 20th century from 1901, and the 21st century from 2001. If you’re wondering why not in 1800, 1900, or 2000, you should remember that we initially agreed that there’s nothing like zero year (s).

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