See why this cave is known as the “Eyes of God”

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A cave which is known as the Eyes of God I Know you will be wondering how? but don’t worry we will tell you how and why it is known as the eyes of God.


We as a whole realize that the world is brimming with ponders.

Truth be told, the Seven Wonders of the world are only seven out of uncountable ponders in this world. It is so tremendous and a large number of these things are still yet to be known.

One of these numerous normal peculiarities can be found in Bulgaria.

It is a cavern which the Bulgarians call, ‘Prohodna’, otherwise called the cavern of the “Eyes of God”.


The name “Prohodna” signifies, “entrance”, as a result of two doorways to the cavern, you can stroll starting with one then onto the next effectively through the inside of the cavern.

When inside, they seem like two expanding openings in the top of the karst rock, openings formed like eyes, through which you can see the sky.

The mysterious person of this peculiarity comes from the Bulgarian precursors.

They played out a custom in the cavern at the beginning of spring and the reap of cereal to request a decent gather.

Furthermore, it was tracked down that, sometime before, during the Neolithic, the cavern was possessed.

The beginning of the cavern anyway traces all the way back to the Quaternary and over the long haul, disintegration made the unusual shapes in the cavern.

It is said that the “eyes” have a mesmerizing impact, and watching them for some time from inside the cavern is exceptionally unwinding.

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It is a visual display at various times by the light impacts that can be seen.


At the point when downpour water enters the two openings, it tumbles down the dividers of the cavern, and local people frequently say that God’s eyes are crying.

It is these days an optimal vacationer location, and the breathtaking perspective has made it the location of a few motion pictures.

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