Should I Stop Going To Church? This Is What I Saw In The Bible That Made Me Cry - Please Advice Me

Should I Stop Going To Church? This Is What I Saw In The Bible That Made Me Cry – Please Advice Me

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My parents were sportsmen; they were neither religious nor Bible believers. I had recently converted to Christianity and was staying with my aunt in Lagos when I left my parents’ house. My aunt, on the other hand, is a fervent Christian. He was not absent from Sunday services. Indeed, dad adored the Bible, and I subsequently converted to Christianity. However, what I read in the Bible brought tears to my eyes.

I’m going to study and review the Bible diligently one day, seeking for fresh verses that will help me enhance my spiritual life. Suddenly, I came upon a poem that moved me to tears. I came dangerously close to losing my faith and continue to wonder if I will ever quit attending church as a woman. This verse caught my eye: 1 Corinthians 14:34-35.

The Bible is a sacred text. It was employed many years ago and, fortunately, is gaining popularity around the world. Each day, many people read the Bible in order to get a better understanding of God, while others study the Bible in order to enhance their spiritual lives. The Bible still has plenty to read and some concerns, some of which may cause you to cry.

From my perspective, I comprehend this verse of Scripture.

1. Women may not be required to participate in meetings.

Women are also human and should be permitted to participate in any meeting or arrangement. You must have an opinion, since we, too, have one. We do not require our people to speak. Let us know in the comments area whether you understand what the Bible text is attempting to convey.

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2. Women are not permitted to speak in the house of God.

I’m embarrassed by all of this. As I already stated, my aunt and I are devout Christians who adore the Bible. What are your reasons for abstaining from church speaking?

3. Wives must relinquish their right to speak for themselves to their husbands.

Because we are not permitted to speak in the house of the Lord, we must defer to our husbands. What should I do if I don’t have a husband?

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4 Replies to “Should I Stop Going To Church? This Is What I Saw In The Bible That Made Me Cry – Please Advice Me”

  1. U keep searching and b prayerful as u search for d true faith God approved for mankind. Today there r so many religion on earth and only one is approved by God, read as many religous books as u can in search for d truth. If u open ur heart freely u will see d truth and I advise u to embrace it when u see it.
    Seek for d truth and d truth will set u free.

  2. Ehn now! Was it not eve that was tempted by the devil to give adam the apple!? Those are the punishments for that act. Well, that’s on the lighter mood. The truth is, so many rules in the old testament of the bible are obsolete. Jesus coming has changed a lot of them. They were mere cultural laws, but with Jesus, lots of modernisation came in. Look, all that matters is to love God and love your neighbour as yourself, other things are secondary.

  3. My dear, as verse 35 clearly states, “If they want to find out about something, they should ask their husbands at home. It is a disgraceful thing for a woman to speak in church”. Now this doesn’t mean women are not allowed to give their opinions, no please, it’s an explanation for the first part. What does “not being in charge also mean”? The men, as the heads of the family, gave explanations where needed, so they asked their husbands, let’s say, “Darling, what does Pastor So-and-so mean by that?” and the husband starts talking too, then there’s murmuring. Imagine if all the women were confused and started asking their husbands for explanations lol won’t that bring noise in the room? Yes, that’s why they were asked to find out AT HOME, and obviously it would be disgraceful to start making noise in church. Thank you. 🙂

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