Stop Using Money to Attract ladies Use this effective Method

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I despise males who use money to purchase a lady’s love and attention. This demonstrates your manliness.
Why would you want to spend money on wooing her, especially when there are free alternatives?

The truth is that women who love and friend you simply because you give them money will always adore you as long as the money is available.

They will all abandon you as soon as the money runs out, and you will never see them again.
Ignore everyone who tells you to get money and instead utilize it to attract them

1. Always play, or be friendly with children.

Stop Using Money to Attract ladies Use this effective Method Instead

Certain folks are simply inflexible.
They are only interested in attracting women through money, which is why they are unaware that women can be drawn to them when they freely interact with youngsters.

According to a popular study conducted in Paris, France, men who interacted well with infants and small children were more than three times likelier to have a woman’s phone number than men who disregarded them.
When they see you playing, smiling, and conversing with a small child, a woman will quickly become attacked.
Put an end to your reliance on money and instead employ this free method.

2. Use the high level of your confidence to attract women.

Nothing is more endearing than a self-assured man; it drives ladies insane. Rather than wasting money on women’s attraction, why not leverage your confidence?
Confidence is a natural and uninhibited state of being.
Genuine love is a result of confidence.

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Always maintain an air of confidence and boldness anytime you’re around a woman.
Never be scared to speak with her or to ask her questions.
You may invest all of your money in this if you like, but you risk losing your wife to your driver if he possesses all of these characteristics.

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