The Brave Story of How Some Igbos Committed Suicide Rather than Become Slaves

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The bravery of numerous Nigerians didn’t start today, it started years prior when the Igbos became versatile to their slave drivers.

A ton of Nigerians were sold out as slaves previously, they were tormented and dealt with like creatures however some fearless people picked death over slavery.

There is a spot called Igbo arriving at Dunbar Creek, on St Simons Island, Georgia.

This spot is known as a memorable site where a great deal of Igbos committed suicide gladly.

In the year 1803 one of the greatest suicide occurred around there, it was the suicide of the Igbo slaves that were being taken to Georgia coast to work.


In those days In May 1803, a slave transport that is Identified as the drifter passed on a ton of Igbos and west African captives to Georgia.

Those slaves were totally purchased for the amount of 100 dollars ($100) each.

they were purchased by John Couper and Thomas Spalding, they anticipated auctioning them off to another slave purchasers at St Simon’s Island.

Every one of the slaves on the boat was fastened and held under the deck of the seaside vessel that was intended to take them to St Simon’s.

While they were en route to their destination, up to 75 Igbo slaves on board chose to protest and they took over the boat.

The slaves threw their masters over the boat and they drowned, this demonstration alone prompted the establishment of the boat in Dunbar Creek.

The 75 Igbos on the boat were led by their high chief and they started to sing and walk into the shore.

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The high chief then led the slaves into the water at Dunbar Creek and they all committed suicide by walking into the water and drowning themselves.

They committed suicide so as not to be auctioned off as slaves, they decided to dies than live as slaves in another Man’s country.

A white manager distinguished as Roswell King was the main individual to compose the episode that happened.

Roswell and Captain Patterson had the option to draw out some dead bodies from the ocean.

A ton of the Igbos drowned in the ocean, some dead bodies were found while others were still not found.

The account of how the Igbos decided to end their own lives as opposed to becoming slaves is an account of opposition.

This specific demonstration is known as the Igbo arrival, it is likewise perceived as the main opportunity March in the United States history.

There are a considerable amount of pictures that have been utilized to depict this memorable second. Indeed, even Beyoncé made a song that was committed to this extraordinary day ever.

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