The Dubai Of Nigeria: See The Current Progress Of Eko Atlantic City In Lagos

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Eko Atlantic City is a city apparently modelled after Dubai and currently being built on the Victoria Island of Lagos State , Nigeria . A lot may probably have heard about it; However, not too many Nigerians are aware of the amazing progress so far .

Some parts of the Victoria Island in Lagos City were lost to the Atlantic ocean many years ago. However, to build a new city, the need for land was a top priority. Considering this, the Eko Atlantic city developers thought of a creative plan; reversing the effect of the ocean encroachment on the land. With a go-ahead order from the Lagos State government, the Land which was once lost to the ocean was reclaimed through dredging. This land has now turned out to be an appendage of the Victoria Island.

Who are the City Developers?

Eko Atlantic is not primarily being built by the Federal Government or State government. It is said to be a private investment ; developed by the Chagoury group – a group of Lebanese Nigerians , whose ancestors had migrated to Nigeria over 40 years ago. However, the project gets secondary support from the Federal and Lagos State Government.

“South Energyx” Nigeria Limited, are the city planners and developers. They also take care of the funding. South Energyx Nigeria Limited is under the Chagoury Group of Companies.

Here Is The Current Developmental Progress Of The City

Eko Pearl Towers

The proposed Eko pearl towers are a group of 5 residential towers. However, only two have been completed so far. The two being the first completed set of buildings in the City, they are less than 500 meters away from the Lagos financial center.

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3D Architectural Design

Current Work In Progress

Drainage System

Being a coastal city, a proper drainage system is a top priority. Unlike most Nigerian city’s, Eko Atlantic uses an underground drainage system.

The construction of the drainage network in Eko Atlantic City is a precise task and has been repeated numerous times throughout the project. The concrete pipes are produced in the pipe factory located in Eko Atlantic City.

La Definition Smart City

La Definition Smart City is the most recent introduction to the Eko Atlantic City project. The name is said to have been coined from the French word meaning “the definition”. It is being designed as a mixed-use residential development which will provide an incredible urban living experience.

3D Architectural Design

Azuri Towers

Being a set of 3 high-rise buildings , the AZURI TOWER is a multi-purpose development which located at the Marina District of the Eko Atlantic City.

Upon completion, It will comprise three 30+ floor towers , which will be composed of luxurious residences, executive office spaces, and retail units.

3D Design

View Current Work In Progress


Marina District

Upon completion, the Marina district of Eko Atlantic City is projected to become one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state and will host over 400 boats at the dock .

3D Architectural Design

Current Work In Progress

The Great Wall Of Lagos

Being a coastal city, it is therefore prone to coastal erosion. For this reason, the “Great Wall Of Lagos” is being put in place. The wall is a strong interlock of Accropodes, carefully placed by the coast of the city. As of today, the sea wall has reached a total length of 6.5km of the planned 8.5km

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The wall is designed to withstand the worst possible storms in many years to come; perhaps the reason for its huge size.


Road And Bridge Construction

 Alpha One Tower

The tower is an A-Grade office project located at the Marina District of the City. Currently completed, It includes 14 floors of open offices with one basement serving as a car park. It was built in an area of 14,000 square meter .

A & A Towers

Currently being built, these towers are set to be a luxury residential development and they are located in the Ocean Front District of the city. This central location affords easy access to the city’s retail, leisure and commercial facilities.

This 19 storey building will comprise 98 units of two and three bedroom homes, a two storey – 4 bedroom penthouse, a gym facility, A-grade offices and as well as retail and entertainment space. It will have independent services and utilities. They include, power, water and waste treatment.

3D Architectural Design

Current Work In Progress


Eco-friendliness should be a top priority for any city and Eko Atlantic City Developers certainly didn’t leave this aspect out.

According to the developers, over 250,000 trees have been planted ; not just for its aesthetics, but also for its essential environmental benefits.

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