The Most Evil Men In History. Number 2 Roasted Children And Fed Them To Their Mothers.

The Most Evil Men In History. Number 2 Roasted Children And Fed Them To Their Mothers.

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History is a topic that is filled with diverse stories and events. Some are pleasant and always sought out to be heard while others are repugnant and unpleasant to the ears of anyone who comes across it. A lot of people have walked the surface of the earth way before us. Some were a blessing to those that lived in their time such that their stories kept resounding even till today. On the other hand, others were so evil that they are specifically remembered for it.

Here are a few men who had access to power but failed to use it for the good of their people but instead used it to turn against them.

Adolf Hitler

He was the dictator of Germany from 1933-1845 and the Führer of the Nazi party. He was responsible for the holocaust where he slaughtered millions of Jews as he believed the Jews were the root cause of all the problems in the world and intended to eliminate him. In addition to the holocaust he was also responsible for the second world war. His actions resulted in the death of over 50 million people.

Joseph Stalin.

Losif Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union from 1922 until his death in 1953. As a young man growing up he was an armed robber and assassin. As a ruler, his irrational decisions led to famine that killed millions. He killed not only enemies but also close family and friends. Under his reign 1.5 million German women were raped. He was once quoted saying that “One death is a tragedy, one million death is simply a statistic.” He killed over 20 million people during his reign. He died of a stroke in 1953.

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Vlad the impaler.

He is also known as Vlad Dracula because of his sadistic character and the cruel things he did in Wallachia where he was a prince from 1448-1462 killing about 20% of the population. He was known as the impaler because he impaled his victims through the buttocks until the stake came out from the mouth.
A German pamphlet once read “he roasted children whom he fed to their mothers, he cuts off the breast of women and forced their husbands to eat them, after that he had them all impaled”.


Idi Amin of Uganda (1952-2003)

The list won’t be complete without Idi Amin of Uganda. Idi Amin was the chief of army staff before he took control and declared himself president while president Obote was away to Singapore for a meeting. He became a dictator and was known as the ‘butcher of Uganda’. He killed people by feeding them to crocodiles, he claimed he was a cannibal, he mutilated one time of his wives and rearranged her limbs. He killed and tortured over half a million people before he eventually died of natural causes in 2003.

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