The Mysterious Story of Arobijika The Prophet Who Followed The Wind To The Sky Just As Prophet Elijah In The Bible Did

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The mysterious story of Arobijika is one of the accounts of certain prophets who have inspired the good news of Jesus Christ in Nigeria.

  1. The mysterious story of Arobijika is one of the accounts of certain prophets who have inspired the good news of Jesus Christ in Nigeria

He was conceived Akintobi Ajayi, who was affectionately called “Agbojesu Magboyinbo.”

He was an adherent of Moses Orimolade Tunmolase, who established the Cherubim and Seraphim.

Coincidentally Moses Orimolade had advised him to go get a mountain where different satanic spirits abided, and the mountain was known for its abnormal provisions, for example, odd exercises including beating chimes each hour.

Arobijika had been informed that such a mountain must be found some place in Oyo state.

In this way, he left Lagos where he remained with Moses Orimolade to look for the mountain where he was bound to overwhelm.

He ventures out far to a spot called Ado-Awaye where he passes to where the mountain was found and he was informed that the mountain is risky as some obscure spirits are known for ringing chimes at consistently on the mountain.

Arobijika didn’t permit that to terrify him.

He went to the mountain, abandoning his family and supporters at Ado-Awaye to remain on the mountain regardless of the multitude of wicked spirits that were there.

After the third day, he returned to meet his family and supporters, and they returned to fabricate a congregation on the mountain and settle there.

It was this spot that later became “Ori-Oke Agelu” that is arranged in Oyo state on the grounds that the underlying name of the mountain was “Ori-Oke Ti Ago Tinlu”, as was told by one of the devotees of Arobijika who was met.

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After numerous long stretches of evangelism on the mountain, the spot turned into a remarkable focus of supplication for Cherubim and Seraphim church individuals and other holy places to date.

In any case, something astounding happened in 1964 when Arobijika turned out to be sick, and it was noticed that his lead changed, and through his demeanor, it was noticed that his supporters had the hunch that the opportunity had arrived for Arobijika to leave.

Accordingly, his devotees didn’t give him breathing space.

He once anticipated that when he would kick the bucket, he would follow the breeze to the sky actually like Elijah.

One day during the period that the sickness of Arobijika turned out to be more extreme, he approaches one of his devotees, Apostle Moses Amoo, who turns out to be the storyteller of the story, to take him to a secret spot where he could ease himself.

While they were going towards the secret spot, Apostle Moses Amoo recollected that he once said that on the day that he would kick the bucket, it would be through the breeze.

Along these lines, he asked Arobijika’s central goal will not be satisfied that way once more.

On hearing the inquiry, Arobijika altered his perspective and requested to be returned to the congregation.

On entering the congregation, he went directly to the raised area and made an incredible otherworldly interest which seemed like “Light-conveyor” multiple times within the sight of various supporters, and he passed on directly before everyone.

The devotees were bewildered as the passing turned out to be so quick and it didn’t appear as though what he told them.

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Notwithstanding, something stunning happened two days after the fact, when he was set to be covered.

After he had been set in the grave, the congregation secretary who should peruse an illustration before his final resting place would be covered delivered a discourse that appeared to have caused what Arobijika had forecasted previously. The secretary said, “Father, it will stay a delusion for us all of us you don’t uncover yourself to us every one of us, today will be the last day that we will not get to you once more.

As the secretary completed his words, the casket burst into pieces and a cyclone showed up, compromising individuals.

After certain minutes, predictability was reestablished and when individuals could actually take a look at the final resting place, the assortment of Arobijika had vanished. That was the means by which they covered just the casket and his garments.

What individuals were saying a while later was that Arobijika had said that he would go to paradise veryp much like the scriptural Elijah, and it happened.

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