The Sword In Africa (Ghana) That Can’t Be Removed By Any Human.

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There are so many strange things that are found around the world.

Today we bring to you the Immovable Sword of Kumasi Ghana.

The ‘immovable’ Sword which is found in Kumasi Ghana was planted into the ground by ‘Okomfo Anokye’ remains in its venue of the ‘Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital’.

According to historical records, this sword was pushed into the ground almost 300 years ago.

The Ashanti State believes that this great sword is what holds them together and if the sword was ever pulled out of the ground then the Ashanti state will collapse.

This sword was planted in the ground in 1695 by Okomfo Anokye.
Okomfo Anokye is a well-known man in Ghana and he made a pronunciation that no one would be able to remove the sword.
So many people from different parts of the Countries have tried their best to remove the sword but they can’t.

Muhammad Ali a well-known boxer tried to remove the sword in 1964 but he failed.
The name of this sword is called Okomfo Anokye which means immovable sword.
This sword has drawn the attention of people from all parts of the world and it also serves as a tourist center for visitors.

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