The Untold Secret Of Ngwa And Ohafia People Of Abia State

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Abia State: Cannibalism is a practice where human beings feast on another human beings flesh.

This practice might have some spiritual connotations like in some parts of the world where a tribe uses the ashes of thier dead burnt relatives to cook and eat so that the spirit can have peace.

However, legend has it that cannibalism actually was once practiced in Abia state in eastern Nigeria where the people of Ngwa use to feed on human flesh long ago before the coming of the white men.

Some people still belive that uptill today they still practice it but not as loudly as before. This has not been thoroughly verified even though some people swear by it.

Ohafia in Abia state is also a town that used to practice this long ago but have currently stopped due to the coming of colonization and Christianity.

Ohafia is popularly known and feared all over igbo land as the most powerful land with great warriors back then.

Thier war dance, called “ikpiri kpu ogwu” was a dance that involved the village warriors dancing with the head of the defeated back then.

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