There’Re Spiritual Powers Associated With Hair; Be Careful Who Touch Your Hair

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Hair is so important spiritually. There are spiritual powers associated with hair. Be careful who touch your hair, they can block your things with your hair. Just like Samson, there’s spiritual power in your hair. Protect your hair. Those are the words of psychologist, Msibi Gugu.

Samson’s hair mystery is linked to the Nazarene religious order where it is forbidden for a Nazirite to cut or shave his hair because it is the symbol or base of his spiritual power.

Samson was powerful and was able to defeat his enemy until he revealed the secret of his hair and power to his wife who made him shave it. After shaving his hair, Samson lost connection to his spiritual power and was late overpowered by his enemies.

There’Re Spiritual Powers Associated With Hair; Be Careful Who Touch Your Hair

This is one of the major sources of the claim there is power in your hair and you must not allow anybody to touch it. Hence, people are encouraged to find ways to protect their hair physically or spiritually.

Lewa Buli is a South African woman who has experienced this phenomenon. She explains her experience; “my mother to teach me the same thing over and over until I understand why hair is so important.” Buli says that once they touch your hair and cut a little of hair they take your wisdom or strength or gifts away from you so that’s why I don’t like to be touched or do something on my hair.

Noluthando also has a similar experience of pain after someone touches her hair. “I can believe this, there is some lady if she can plaiting my hair I will be sick the whole night not because the hair is tight I will be just sick even vomit. I stopped going to her I’ve never experienced this ever since,” Noluthando narrated.

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In traditional religion, cutting hairs anyhow is frowned at. Cultural enthusiast Siboniso Mabaso corroborates this saying “even God said we mustn’t cut our hair. You will be amazed if I told you what natural hair did for our ancestors, Mabaso said.

It is also believed that your hair is an antenna that connects you to the spiritual world.

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