UNN understudy "removed" for twerking in a bodysuit that uncovered her bum stands up.

UNN student alledgedly “expelled” for twerking in bodysuit that exposed her bum speaks out she what she have to say

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UNN student “removed” for twerking in a bodysuit that uncovered her bum stands up.

UNN understudy "removed" for twerking in a bodysuit that uncovered her bum stands up.


The UNN understudy who stood out as truly newsworthy after it was accounted for that she will be removed for moving in a noteworthy bodysuit has stood up.

A video of Mirabel Obi moving in a bodysuit that uncovered her bum became famous online. Afterward, a video arose, showing the Dean of Student undertakings undermining that Mirabel will be ousted.

Mirabel Obi, a Medical undergraduate student, has now stood up to dispel any confusion and air her complaints about how the matter was taken care of.

Sharing the twerking video on Instagram, Mirabel expressed: “It is no news that a female UNN understudy was ousted from UNN after evidently stripping to win 10k in a dance rivalry.

“All things considered, I am that understudy. Regularly I would let this slide since I am not clout pursuing and I owe nobody a clarification, in any case, am burnt out on seeing diverse phony news on the story and as of now, I feel it is appropriate to resolve this issue openly.

“This is the genuine story behind everything. I am Mirabel, a Medical Student of UNN. On the 28th, October 2021, there was mindfulness for a show in the school.

UNN understudy "removed" for twerking in a bodysuit that uncovered her bum stands up.


Mindfulness is people’s main thing nearly every time and what accompanies it is typically a dance contest and that day, we were competing for 30k. I turned out to be one of the competitors.

“I have watched a ton of young ladies contend previously and what they wore was nothing better compared to mine.

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It was identical to what I wore and some of the time more awful, on the grounds that all things considered, we believe we are moving before our kindred females, however at that point I feel the sum I made was the justification behind the video circulating around the web.

“The Dean of Student Affairs got hold of the video and I truly don’t have the foggiest idea what they educated him concerning me that made him rage in such a lot of outrage and furthermore to settle on the choice to remove me.

Here are the focuses am attempting to make.

“1. I’m not and was never removed on the grounds that we as a whole realize that you can’t oust an understudy on the ground of twerking.

“2. We were all moving before the young ladies’ hostel, and there was never a spot that twerking is disregarding the school rules and guidelines.

“3. Twerking doesn’t have anything to with my scholastics since you can’t make it to be a clinical understudy in UNN without intersection 300 or more in ur JAMB.

I’m still intense and I realize how to adjust my social/scholarly life.

“4. It was never a rivalry for 10k. It was 30k.

“5. I wasn’t ousted, I rehash I was just harassed without being heard from (the experts being referred to badged into my lodging and scoured my properties).

“6. Since the time then, at that point, I have confronted such a lot of embarrassment, I don’t have a clue how to come out any longer, I continue to contemplate whether it was truly great.

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A ton of my properties have been harmed and some are mysteriously gone like how would you attack somebody’s security.”

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