Ways To Prevent Your Child From Having Bowlegs

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Ways To Prevent Your Child From Having Bowlegs

Bowlegs normally referred to as ” boolegger” refers to a condition where the leg curves outward from the knees.

This condition makes walking give difficult and ruins how beautiful the legs are.
It causes the affected person to become shorter as the bending of the legs reduces the height.

Unfortunately, parents allow this to happen to their children when they could have done the right thing.

Preventing Bowlegs is easy and may not even cost a penny.

It is just about having enough knowledge about the disease.

Bowleg is caused by a condition called rickets.
It is a vitamin D deficiency disease that causes the leg bones to become soft and bend outwards.
This condition occurs early in early childhood life where the bones are still growing.

It is not only a lack of Vitamin D that causes this disease.
Lack of calcium too can cause this condition.
Calcium deficiency does not only affect bone growth and strength but the teeth also.
The enamel can easily break or become susceptible to bacterial infections.

The relationship between Vitamin D and calcium is that the body uses Vitamin D to absorb calcium and phosphorus.
The inability of the body to utilize vitamin D or the insufficient supply of it will cause rickets.
In a simple equation, lack of vitamin D equals the body’ s inability to absorb calcium.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should understand that children born before nine months will likely suffer from this condition.
Identify the cause: Is there vitamin D but the body is unable to absorb calcium, or there is an insufficient supply of vitamin D?

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To prevent rickets, exposure to  morning sunlight will do the trick.
In addition, parents should learn to give enough seafood such as crab, prawns, and seaweed.
You can also grind crab shells and mix them with the child’ s food.

Give milk, fatty fish and fish oil. You can mix egg yolk with porridge.
Give cereals and ensure a balanced diet. Where the damage is already done, surgery can correct this condition. However, the earlier the better.

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