What To do When Robbers Break into Your House

What To do When Robbers Break into Your House

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What is robbery and who is a robber?

Robbery is the offense of attempting to take the property of another, by threat or force.

Robber is a person who robs


In my article I will be bringing to you how to behave in a sudden event of robbery, likewise what to do in other to get back your taking property.

What To do When Robbers Break into Your House


1.Cooperate with the robbers: you just have to cooperate with the robbers, because any resisting action you do will risk your life.


2.Avoid surprises :armed robbers are nervous generally, you could put yourself to harm if you do anything surprising or quick movement.


2.Enable your silent or hold alarms you have in the store


3.Try to give them the marked Money because if they don’t get it, they robbers may decide to rape or kill


4.Be observant : Observe everything going one e. g( the number of the robbers who robbed you or your house, their physical characteristics, wearing and weapons)


5.Call on the police immediately after the incident : You have to provide the robbers physical description, departure and the method of travel.


6.Don’t worry much about the incident, just take preventive measures and wait on the police.

Mind you, don’t touch what they robbers touched in your house, wait for a while.


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