Man oppresses villagers as he arrives home for Christmas in convertible car

A young man who visited his hometown for Christmas leaves a group of villagers impressed as he shows off his convertible car while it reclines its roof.

In a viral video, a man created a commotion upon arriving at his village in a convertible ride. Both children and adults gathered around, expressing astonishment as they observed the scene.

The footage, shared by TikTok user @mariam_millimono, indicated that the incident took place in a village, although it was not specified if it was her own.

Seated in the car with a baby in hand, the man skillfully raised the car’s top cover, leaving the villagers in awe.



Un jour au village

♬ original sound – Wèîrd Pástør🇺🇬

Reactions trailing convertible car show off amongst villagers

Omotayor20 said: “10 years later… small boys will be like … you see that house ehnnn, if dem come home for Christmas then ehn…. That car wey con surplus now ehnnnn.”

Ice-cream said: “I can’t try this in my small village I do not want premature death.” said: “In my village, they will start calling u on every event as the guest of honour.”

user1441311102127 said: “Now the Village girls want him to marry them.”

Lord Isaac said: “In my village, this is the fastest way to exit this world.”

spoiler said: “In our village if you do such that’s the end of your blessings, they’ll witch you.”

Watch the video below …

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