See Country Were The Groom Has To Sleep With The Bride’s Aunty First

Banyankole is a Tribe In Uganda in the African country, The Banyankole tribe occupies a minority position in the tribes of Uganda, but its affiliation with the word Marriage have brought it into great recognition of the western world.

It’s funny to say that whenever the word “marriage” is mentioned, it is definitely a burden to the bride’s aunt.

The Banyankole Tribe of Uganda | Did you know there's a tribe in Uganda that requires a bride's aunt to test her niece's husband during wedding activities if he will be able

This is so because Whenever a couple is about to get married, the custom of the Banyankole Tribe dictates that, and I quote: “The aunt of the bride first sleeps with the groom to ensure that he is potent” (that is to say in clear terms, that the Aunty of the woman that is about to get married will first have intercourse with the Man that’s about to get married to her!!!. To confirm if the man knows how to perform.

Meet The Tribe Where the Bride's Aunt Must Have Sex With the Groom to Test His Potency - GhPage

And it doesn’t end there, as the aunt still have to test the Bride to confirm her Virginity!!. In some cases, the tradition insist that it was the duty of the aunt to prove the potency of the groom by observing, that is, watching or listening to the couple while they are having intercourse

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