See The Man That Lives as a Dog

Indeed we live in a free world and people are allowed to make whatever choices they want.

Then again, we have the opposing sides which are the critics. What do you think about this man, who has chosen to live as a dog? Don’t judge him yet. Read the full story.
Tom Peters is a man who needs a safe haven from the craziness of this world, and he takes his solace by becoming a pet.

He is 32 years old and allows himself to be treated like a dog as a sort of escape from his responsibilities. His pet name is Spot and he wears a collar as well as a bodysuit, designed to make him look like a dog.


Also, he goes around on a leash controlled by his handler and crawls on all fours. When he is Tom, he is a lighting and theater technician, and as Spot, he is a dog-person who wants to be cared for. He is wholly living like a dog, including napping in a cage and eating from a bowl like dogs.

“People think of it as seedy and that no one should see it. But we’re not there to cause mischief, we’re there to have fun and literally be treated like a puppy. It is a lifestyle, it’s just escapism. To get away from money and the hectic lifestyle we have.”

Spot is of the opinion that since human beings are into role-playing, then it shouldn’t be difficult to comprehend the concept of him living as a dog.


Spot’s decision to continue to live like a dog proves that nothing is impawssible on earth. In these modern times, people are living as unconventionally as they can. In the interview, Spot also revealed that there were more of his kind, who lived as dogs and are happy.


His ex-finance who was also present during the feature story revealed that even though she was initially mad at him, she currently envies him. According to her, after watching a documentary, “Secret Life of the Human Pups,” she understood Spot better.

Being a dog is a way for him to cope, and she respects his choices.

If you ever needed a safe haven, would you consider this lifestyle? Also, do you condemn Spot’s or since his choices don’t affect anybody negatively, he can whatever he chooses? Please leave your opinions in the comment section below, and share this article with your friends to know their thoughts on the absurdity.


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